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Always sad to report a Stolen bike! This one was picked off from a customers home in Montrose New York around two weeks ago.

Record Your Bike Serial Number!!!

Much too often customers call us with the bad news that their bike was stolen. I can predict the next line that they’re about to ask every time: “Do you have the serial number for my bike?” Never make the assumption that shops record this information. Most shops do not. It is the owner’s responsibility to jot down this information. Shops may write a serial number down on the purchase invoice or the owner’s manual. The owner should file this information someplace safe for future reference.

Off to the point of this article: A customer and friend reported (around 2 weeks ago) that his new ride was ripped off. Of course he did not record the bikes serial number. This particular bike is a one of a kind and should be fairly easy to spot.

Stolen was a customized Superco Satellite (24" size wheel) dirt jump bike. The Satellite is built specifically around 24” wheels and will not accept a 26" wheel. The frames finish is “Raw”. The "Raw" is basically just a clear coated steel frame that displays the bluish hue around the weld areas. The Superco decals are red and adheared on the frame down tube.

We built this bike from new and old parts. The frame was new as is many of the components. The following build listing will help identify this particular bike.

Frame: New Superco Satellite 24” Raw color with red decals (and a small Red,Yell,Blk Down Cycles sticker). This bike is designed as a single speed style Dirt Jump frame. The frame does not have a derailler hanger. Rear drop outs are horizontal BMX style 135mm mountain spacing.
Fork: Used Marzocci DJ (maybe a 05 DJ II ?) with QR drop outs Matte Black (and scuffed)with gold air assist top caps. Impac headset internal style (Campy) Matte Black.
Crank: New Profile with Mid BB (press fit bottom bracket bearings) Arms: powder coated black.
Front chain ring: New Profile in Gold Anodized (This ring is no longer available from Profile. I purchased it for the customer on close out).
Front wheel: Used 24" Sun Rynolite (All Black) with bolt on hub and black spokes. This was the stock wheel speced on an old Iron Horse Porter 24”. The front wheel is a bit tweaked (not perfect).
Front tire: Used Maxxis Hookworm 24” x 2.5”
Rear wheel: New Atom lab single speed cassette style 32hole hub with bolt on axle(32H is a bizarre choice for a 24” size wheel). The hub is matte black laced and laced to a 32H Halo 24” gloss black hoop (very hard to find this hoop in 32H). The Halo hoop has white HALO decals.
Rear tire: New Halo Twin Rail 24" x 2.2" Black
Chain: Gold KMC
Pedals: Used Atom lab general issue in bright red.
Stem: New TruVativ Hussefelt DH 50mm White
Bars: Used TruVativ DH risers Matte Black
Brakes: Front and rear Cable actuated discs (not sure of the brand). Black cable housing.
Seat post: New Kalloy Matte Black
Seat: New Action DJ Black and grey

Please contact the shop or police if you spot this bike: Shop telephone number 914 827 9570
A Superco Satellite 24” is not a common bike. This build kit makes it a one of a kind. The Halo 32H 24” rear wheel is a real freak. So is the gold profile front chainring. This bike should stand out like a sore thumb.

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Down Cycles is offering GT Rental (road and mountain) and Demo bikes (full suspension mountain) this season!

We will have flat bar GT Nomad 2.0’s for rental that are perfect for recreational rides along with GT SRS Series 4 road race (drop bar) bikes for the enthusiast!

For mountain, we have the GT Karakoram 2.0 29er (29” tall wheel) in sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large and the Avalanche 3.0 Disc (26” tall wheel) in size small.

Prebook soon online at!

We are building up our 2011 Demo’s right now! We will have five high end 2011 models to choose from including the Mongoose Boot R Apprentice DH, GT Fury DH, GT Sensor Expert 29er trail and the GT Force 2.0 all mountain! We also have a size Large Cannondale RZ 120 Three (2010 model year).

You must qualify to rent bikes, so make sure your credit card has available credit for the retail price of the bike (pricing is listed on our website) and bring your valid driver’s license (or a secondary photo id that matches the name and billing address on the credit card). It's recommended that you bring your own personal helmet and form of hydration, but lender helmets will be available as will bike racks (fee's associated), water bottles, locks and tool kits).

Maps of trails and road bike rides can be printed/downloaded off our web site at

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The last US World Cup event held in the USA was in 2005 at Angle Fire New Mexico. From what I heard, attendance was low all those years ago. There were almost no spectators on the mountain and hardly a cheer as the world’s fastest riders crossed the finish line. Riders were bummed as well as astonished. What happened to US mountain bike racing?

World Cup racing came back to the US this year (finally), hosted by Windham Mountain in upstate NY. The event was a success to say the least. The weather was perfect, the track was challenging with huge doubles and rock gardens and more importantly the crowd was pumping.

As I hiked the mountain I realized I recognized most of the faces that littered the tree line. It was like East Coast riders took a day off to support the event. The fans cheering in the woods weren’t just people from town who were curious and came to check out the mountain. The people cheering were mostly riders who drove hours with their families and friends in tow. Spectators at Windham knew the riders names, their standings on the circuit, and what width handlebar they choose to ride with.

I would like to say Thank You to all of you who attended the event! You deserve a round of applause! This particular race was proof that World Cup DH racers are appreciated in the USA. US racer Aaron Gwin certainly felt the love! The noise coming from the crowd as Gwin charged down the track was deafening! The power of the crowd routing for the only US rider to podium in years made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. The US loves DH racing!

Dirt Magazine issue 104 quote on 4X: “Finals were held to a packed audience (one of the best I’ve seen at a 4X).” “The crowds were crazy with boom boxes, stars and stripes and PBR everywhere…very cool to see.”

Dirt Mag: “Windham was a true homecoming for the USA. The town embraced the event with billboards, banners, menus, even church message boards full of World Cup enthusiasm. “
World Cup racing will be back next year again at Windham. Be prepared to park you bike for another day (in June) to support the racers once again.

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Anyone reading this post should stop reading and start packing the car for a trip to Plattekill!

My first experience riding at Plattekill began in 1995. One would assume I'd have the place memorized. Quite the contrary, I always seem to stumble on (or bring back from the dead) new trails.

The network of trails at Plattekill are so vast, it is simply impossible to mentally map them out. Trails become even less recognizable during the Fall season. Some trails are so old they're new!

Are you stressing on the economy? Put it behind you! Yesterdays weather was pristine, the trails mint and the views spectacular. I've DHed at almost every resort from Whistler to Mt Saint Annes and no place can compare to Plattekill!

The DOWN Cycles crew had a spectacular time this past weekend! Top off the best conditions all year with three old school Brooklyn TMX's and you got yourself a recipe for DOWN.

Beers, Bro's and _ _ _ _. Put a smile on your face, get up to Plattekill and fill in the blanks for yourself. The place should have been packed 10/19/8. I think we counted 20 riders in all on the mountain. So very strange???

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