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lucas hasserjian [Visitor]

lucas hasserjian [Visitor] 07/20/07 13:46
i would like either or. if possible a frame.

victor cepeda [Visitor]

victor cepeda [Visitor] 07/13/07 10:13
I lake a bicycle iron hoser world cup please send me the information for buy this bike. thakns

tay [Visitor]

tay [Visitor] · http://tayallison 06/04/07 07:28
This guy is a freekin nutcase!!
i have seen this in person and its giant!

visualmtb [Member]

visualmtb [Member] · 11/30/06 19:58
Plattekill should open again for another surprise weekend, weather is great for riding, and the trail conditions up at platty look good...

stp [Visitor]

stp [Visitor] 06/06/06 21:32

I lived in TomsRiver when i was younger, I went to West... Used to motorcross a lot through the power lines and the "Pits", but I noticed they turned the pits into condo's, that sucks...
Have you gotten hurt before? Is that why your girl is pissed off?

jeff [Visitor]

jeff [Visitor] 06/06/06 21:28
Wow dude, sorry about your accident...
About your girl, I don't know what to say... That's a tuff call, I don't know if i could stop DH'n maybe that's why I'm single, probably not but i keep telling myself that. But your situation is different, there is a house involved (financial) so its a tuff call...

Good luck

lane dog [Visitor]

lane dog [Visitor] · http://I'm done 06/01/06 09:08
I was just free riding locolly by my home, I live in tomsriver , and had a freakish crash the out com of it was the end of a short lived expo of raceing 4x at platakill and i was able to get my self into a mtcrack race befor it had happend. I love the trails at mt creek and evry thing they did with the park.It sucks that I,m out for the season do to a acl multi torn ligaments in my Right Knee.I thought I was improving fast in jumping and raceing may be to fast I had just forgotten one thing not to let my leg get in the way of coming down from about 8ft airout more then flatty with the weels tord the sky I didn,t have anough time to corect myself I had wish this never had happend becouse now I,m not onlly sidelined but was given a optoin by my girlfriend either stop bikeing or loose me and the house I had got into with her I need a little insight right now I,m so fustrated with my self to hav let this happen.Tese cruches u can have them they suuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. this is Lane dog signing off [email protected]

visualmtb [Member]

visualmtb [Member] · 03/21/06 23:18
are you running it along the old jump course on the new side?

Martin [Visitor]

Martin [Visitor] 03/21/06 16:21
oh yeah can't wait for Platty to open.
Me and some of the guys at school, got the go ahead to build some shit for the new season at pkill
the Plan is to hook up some runs with lots of jumps and the only plan is to make it as fast as possible with out touching the binders
Thats right NO BRAKES.
Can't wait to ride again without haveing to hike up the mountain under my own power.

JB [Visitor]

JB [Visitor] 03/06/06 09:57
I can't wait!!!

my pockets are tight thinking about "waterboy" i wish they were opening tomorrow!

downhill mike [Visitor]

downhill mike [Visitor] 06/20/05 17:22
Mountain Biking returns to Whiteface and Verizon Sports Complex

Lake Placid venues ready to open for the season

LAKE PLACID, N.Y. – The New York Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) and High Peaks Cyclery in Lake Placid are once again partnering to present the sport of mountain biking at Whiteface in Wilmington and the Verizon Sports Complex in Lake Placid.

Activity at Whiteface begins Friday June 24, with mountain biking from 9 AM to

4 PM Friday to Monday through Oct. 10. Opening day at the Verizon Sports Complex is set for Saturday, June 25. The seven-day-a-week operation runs from 10 AM to 5 PM daily through Sept. 5, and weekends from Sept. 9-Oct.9.

“It’s exciting to offer the most vertical drop in the east,” said Downhill Mike Scheur, Whiteface Director of the Mountain Bike Park. “It gives one the sense of the depth and breadth of the Whiteface experience.” The descent from the top of Little Whiteface is nearly 2,500 feet.

At Whiteface, riders will find an improved trail network, a new shuttle bus to the mid-station, gondola service to the summit of Little Whiteface, a new skills course with 10 stations on Mixing Bowl and clinics. Riders will also find single tracks between some of the ski trails used for the 1980 Winter Games. Adding to the ambiance, bikers can also expect cameo appearances from the four-legged “residents” who comprise the mountain’s natural habitat.

Whiteface will offer Customer Appreciation Day on Saturday, June 25. There will be a special $15 lift pass for all ages and will include the shuttle and gondola. Regular price is $25. There will also be a 50% reduction in the cost of rental bikes.

Hold on to your June 25-26 Whiteface lift tickets. Each day is good for a beverage of your choice at the Lake Placid Pub and Brewery.

Mountain biking is an idyllic experience over 30 miles of cross country ski trails at the Verizon Sports Complex on Rt. 73 outside Lake Placid.

Discover Cross Country Riding (daily), Kid’s Group Riding (Saturday and Sunday) and Fun, Not Fear (one and two day sessions) clinics and lessons are among the offerings, with special Wednesday evening mountain bike races and trail runs slated for July 13 and Aug. 17 at 6 PM.

For more information on ORDA venues and events and for web cams from five locations, please log on to

To dial into the mountain biking scene at both locations, please log on to Downhill Mike would be happy to engage you in cyber-chat. Just email him at [email protected]



visualmtb [Member]

visualmtb [Member] · 06/18/05 07:26
No Problem, I corrected the time...

downhill mike [Visitor]

downhill mike [Visitor] 06/17/05 22:42
i made a mistake on the hours. we don't start the lift untill 9:00am.

ajdowncycles [Member]

ajdowncycles [Member] · 04/14/05 21:03
This by far the best fit DH jersey! The length is perfect, not so long that it catches on your seat. Very loose fitting, the new 05 D-men jersey is spot on!

ynot527 [Member]

In response to: FORUM NEWS GROUPS
ynot527 [Member] 03/31/05 20:08
Keep up the good work on this Website. Hopefully the forums will take off! like others (MTBR)
Spread the word everyone.

viva Downcycles....

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