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Chain Stretcher XC Race 2009

This Sunday, September 13th is the Blue Mountain Reservation Chain Stretcher XC race. Like races past, DOWN Cycles is donating some sweet prizes. New for this year we will have a four Marin Bikes available for demo/test rides. Anyone is welcome to test out a Marin Mount Vision 5.8 full suspension bike. Riders are also welcome to race the bike during this event!

Marin Mount Vision 5.8

The Marin Mount Vision 5.8 retails for $3465.00. The demo bikes are for sale as this is the last event they will be used for. They will be radically reduced in price down to $2300.00!!! We will have three sizes available for purchase/demo: medium, large and extra large. They are in amazing condition, come with a full 5 year warranty and are professionally tuned. We will also have a 29er hardtail, size 20" for testing!

The guys at the WMBA shortened the track up this year. In a nut shell, the track is designed with a few lung buster climbs and some ripper fast downs. The new layout starts in the opposite direction from years past. See a track map at Chain Stretcher XC Race Map.

I know these trails inside out and I can see three spots that are going to cause bottlenecking. These sections are very technical and can be cleaned, but I can see spastic racers flounder and cause congestion.

First section with issues will be the immediate entrance into “Switchback”. The root step up into this single track will dismount 90% of the racers.

Second section will be most of “Criss-Cross”. Things are going to get ugly after the first few sweeping turns. Criss-Cross becomes very steep and technical with rock sections that resemble something you’d find at a trials event. The steep climb out will finish off any rider lucky enough to get that far.

The section of "Monster" will ride nice in this direction (opposite of years past). Exiting onto "Dickey Brook Trail" will be a pinner section. Get ready for death at marker #34. This is the worst climb on the track. The third section to boggle minds and flip out (or maybe over) most racers will be the rock ups on the first section of this climb. Get past that and grind your way up to “Yang”.

Yang will be a blinding fast run back to the parks start/finish. This section will offer few options to pass so take advantage of any opportunities to when you can.

Have fun out there and please be courteous to other racers. The Chain Stretcher always has a positive vibe. Thanks to the people at the WMBA for running the event! They have been out there buffing the trails out for the event, cutting downed trees and reinforcing areas damaged from rain/overuse. Come visit us at the DOWN Cycles/ Marin Bikes tent. I'll be the one licking my wounds and rubbing out the leg cramp.

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