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Professional Tweaks, Tips & Reviews By "AJ" Picarello
I hope you find my Tweaks and Tips section helpful. If there is something you want to know about, send me an email and I will try to add that to one of my upcoming articles.

Serious R & D has been invested into the new 2005 Sunday suspension design. Anyone reading this article already knows about the DW link. Dave Weagle has developed an innovative link system for the Sunday that has set a new standard. I am still in awe after riding this bike for the past three weeks!

What are we all looking for in a DH rig? My answer is confidence. Riding bicycles down mountains, through rocks and around trees is insane enough as it is. Riding these trails on a bike that feels foreign and sketchy is nerve racking and could force a rider into early retirement.

The Sunday is a stable machine. I must say, the most stable frame design I have ever owned. An 8” travel bike with a long 3” stroke shock combined with a low bottom bracket and a longer than normal top tube, make this bike perform. The geometry is spot on for all types of terrain. Watch out for the cranks! A 13.5” high bottom bracket can put a scare into anyone. Tag a pedal and it’s your fault not the bikes. Timing your pedals through tight sections is a must. I was actually not hitting my pedal at all. I bottomed out on the freakishly long crank arm. FSA cranks come on both the Team and the World Cup. It seems FSA has only one crank arm length (175mm) they just drill the arms for 165mm. This is a concern since running a 165mm arm with an extension defeats the purpose of running 165mm in the first place. I dislike the crank because of this and it will be replaced ASAP.

Sunday Team


I got involved with Mountain biking to escape from noise pollution. Riding a bicycle in the woods, far away from civilization is a soothing experience. Riding some of today’s loud bike designs could evacuate a small village. The first thing you will notice on the Sunday is the silence! I could actually hear terra firma squishing beneath my tires. Just me, West Mountain, and my Sunday, I was finally in peace again. I almost forgot how tranquil life in the outdoors can be, even if you’re sailing through trees as fast as you can.

The suspension has that typical, new school, dead feel at slow speed, but slow you will never go. This bike is another Pro level racer. If you have the energy, you can put down the power. Pedal the Sunday straight through anything! You may have to lift the front wheel to gain B.B. clearance when pedaling. This technique is easy since the chain stays are short and manuals come naturally.

Turning is a breeze since the bike will never deflect off line. It carves through turns, both feet on the pedals. The suspension works so well, platform pedal riders will be delighted. My foot never left a pedal. The Funn pedals are very good, no complaints. I was worried about the 1” rise Easton handle bar. It took 2 runs to get used to, now I’m converted. The lower bars are much better than my old 2” risers. I can get my body lower through turns and can see better when pumping the bike. The direct mount SIC stem is a relief. I can’t believe DH bikes were ever designed without direct mount stems.

Cable rub will become an issue on the lower DW link, just behind the B.B. shell. I’m not sure how to resolve this. I’m thinking of running my cables up high on the upper link. The paint job is not strong. Buy yourself touch up paint. The bike comes from Iron Horse with a 40T FSA chain ring. Anyone who runs an Evil guide can tell you, run an Evil chain ring. Getting the guide aligned with the FSA is impossible. Add an extra small washer behind the three bolts on the boomerang and install the Evil ring. Problem solved!

The shock is sent stock with 150psi. Lower this down to 75psi. Getting the pump screwed into the shock is not easy. A Manitou shock pump works best. The frame design is not sensitive to spring rate. You can run up to 40% sag! The bike will not bob at all. Also worth noting is the bike has no brake jack whatsoever!

At $3999 for the Team, the Sunday is a bargain. You can ride it bone stock, straight out of the box and win. The bike can handle the speeds of any rider that has the nerve to pin it. Let go of the brakes! The Sunday won’t let you down no matter what day of the week it is.

AJ Picarello

5 Updates


Hi AJ!

Great review of the Sunday Team. I can't afford a new one, so I'm looking real hard at a used one, an '06 model. I've heard the BB height can become an issue...this is my second season of dh...I hope that low BB doesn't get me hurt!!!

Have you learned to adjust your riding to the lower BB height? Was it difficult to get used to?

Thanks very much in advance for your answers!

Tim Grey
Roanoke Virginia

Update from: Tim Grey [Visitor] — 04/23/07 @ 05:58
The Sunday low BB is both a blessing and a curse.

It will put you on your head for sure if you're not careful.

The low BB gives the Sunday a low center of gravity and is a trend that all the top world cup racers are designing into their bikes.

The Sunday is a better bike for riders who are Expert level or better.

In other words, if you bash your chainring and tearing off derailleurs, then look for a bike with a higher BB.

Update from: aj [Visitor] · — 05/03/07 @ 11:12

Update from: doug [Visitor] — 10/18/07 @ 19:49

Lovely review you really are selling the Sunday well!
I only do dh on a hardtail at the moment and I'm looking to get a full suss and im really likign the top notch bike for the money!
I've been riding mountain bikes for 2 years and I must say i prefer top end bike even if im only beginning something.
IF you say this is an Expert only bike, what bike would you reccommend for someone beginning dh?


Update from: Aaron Seery [Visitor] — 06/05/09 @ 17:16
Typically, DH bikes are designed by the Pro's. Really, does anyone want a bike for DH designed by a sport level rider? You can tune any bike for your style by tuning suspension and messing with fork height, tire size, etc.

Most all "turn key" DH rigs are rock solid these days. I wouldn't stress the brand purchase too much if I were you.

You'll fall in love with pretty much anything you can buy these days.

Saying that, I tested out a Evil Revolt yesterday and I'm still buzzing about the amazing ride! The Evil is like a Sunday on steroids!

Update from: ajdowncycles [Member] · — 08/19/09 @ 21:18

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