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Professional Tweaks, Tips & Reviews By "AJ" Picarello
I hope you find my Tweaks and Tips section helpful. If there is something you want to know about, send me an email and I will try to add that to one of my upcoming articles.

I’ve tested a few products recently that have simply astonished me. Every once in a while a product comes along that is technologically light years ahead of the rest and the pack will have to try and catch up.

I have been testing out a new chain lube, CHAIN-L on all of my bikes from Cross to DH. I was always a wax lube type of guy do to the clean trailside repairs and general bike cleanliness, but CHAIN-L has converted me. I now understand the benefits of an oil lube. Besides having the best name ever conceived for a chain lubricant (say it fast), CHAIN-L is by far the best chain lube I’ve ever applied to my bike.

CHAIN-L is actually rather thick oil. I admit I was a bit nervous during the initial application. This lubes viscosity resembles that of honey, but when used properly, your bikes chain and associated components will stay clean. (Just follow the directions and make sure to wipe down your chain after the ride).

This chain lube will make you a faster rider! I immediately noticed my drive train was totally quite, the bike was easier to pedal and accelerated much faster! I’m sure many racer types consider this product a secret weapon.

Your bike will shift much better with this lubricant and you will have less wear issues with your chain and gears. My shift from 1 to 2 on the front rings is now instantaneous and I’ve never experienced one iota of chain suck since I’ve been using this lube.

I’ve found that chain lubrication intervals for east coast mountain biking is around every 5th ride, (with wax lube, every 2nd ride). Sure, your chain may attract some dirt, but the dirt will not make its way into the chains bearings as this is the area of the chain that CHAIN-L protects best.

DOWN Cycles is now a dealer for CHAIN-L and a 4oz bottle sells for a reasonable $12 and last much longer compared to other brands.

You just have to love these new technical innovations!

Chain L

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thanks for the review. i saw this brand on a website ad and the label and name intrigued me. chain-l no.5 ! love it.

it sounded like good stuff on their website but of course it would. i was gonna order but thought i better look for reviews and your site came up on google search.

i am a biking neophite and want to use what is best on my bike. it was a large investment and i want to care for it properly and get the best performance from it. i am currently using tri-flow superior lube. it has a very light viscosity so to read that the chain-l is like honey..! should be interesting.

thanks again!

Update from: karrieann [Visitor] — 08/12/09 @ 00:00
if you don't mind cleaning gunk off your bike after using this automotive gear lubrican go ahead and it stinks like hell

Update from: larry toscano [Visitor] — 09/01/09 @ 14:26
i found this lubrican not so bad.There may be some problems but not totally due to this..

Update from: Juliette [Visitor] — 09/18/09 @ 04:37
I have been using it for some time here in Australia and now sell it !! its simply the best on the market try it!! you will be converted !!!

Update from: Steve Holdsy [Visitor] — 04/10/10 @ 20:47
Anyone who gunk’s up the chain with this lube is applying it incorrectly. Simply follow the directions on the back of the bottle. I've been using Chain L on all my bikes for over a year now. My drive (chain, cogs, etc) are clean. The lube doesn't sling off or build up any more than any other brand lube. Chain L will last longer than wax lubes and your bike will shift much better.

Far as the smell, well, that's a weird comment! It smells like lube to me when I stick my nose right up against the chain! Ha! I probably wouldn't splash it on after shaving and go out to the pub.

Update from: ajdowncycles [Member] · — 06/24/10 @ 21:28

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