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Shipping, Returns & Assembly Shipping, Returns & Assembly
  • We do not ship Website sales internationally. Online sales ship in the US and Canada only and will be shipped as signed (by adult) delivery. Items shipping to Canada, Hawaii and Alaska are subject to additional shipping fee(s). Items listed as “free shipping” also do not apply. All International sales must be approved and placed as a phone in order.
  • Down Cycles reserves the right to choose whatever shipping carrier that seems fit. Shipping cost is based on current UPS ship rates (updated daily). Boxes are measured in dimensional weight. Often, adult size Large + or any bicycle with 700c/29” diameter wheels, ship in an “over sized” box (UPS measurement larger than 130”: L + 2xW + 2xH). Boxes that measure oversize (130”+) often doubles the cost of shipping. This offset in cost (even if additional fees were not calculated during the web sites online check out) will be added to the total cost and paid by the customer. We will attempt to contact the customer about an increase in shipping charges before billing and shipping an item.
  • Down Cycles reserves the right to open factory sealed/stapled boxes for inspection before shipping (check for defects/proper sizing and that all parts are included). Invoices will be taped to either the bicycle or bicycle parts box. Be sure to record/file important information, such as an original sales invoice(s) and bicycle or bicycle component serial number(s) as this is not our responsibility (serial numbers are either sticker-ed or stamped in an inconspicuous area like underneath the crank/pedal area). Documented serial numbers and an original owner invoice will need to be presented for any warranties or for issues pertaining to insurance claims or theft. Down Cycles is not responsible for customer negligence. Do not open boxes with razor blades. They can scratch items and cut through clothing. Inspect the inside of the box before throwing it away! Bicycles come packaged with a small parts box(s) that can be easily overlooked. This small box can contain pedals, brake rotors, quick releases and manuals, etc...
  • Before placing your order, be certain that your credit card information matches the entered ship to address. In the event that an item must ship to an address different from that of the credit card billing address (mailing item as a gift): Down Cycles will request that the customer fill out a credit card authorization form. The completely filled out form must be either faxed or emailed back to us along with a secondary proof of identification such as a valid driver’s license (preferred). The secondary identification’s address and signature must match that of the credit card being used. Important: We will need copies of the front and back of both the credit card used and of the secondary form of ID (driver’s license). Unsigned credit cards and or expired ID’s are not accepted. A quick tip to customers that will help streamline your online sales: You can add an additional address to your current credit card’s bank information.
  • Your bike will come in a box dismantled in a few pieces. The following is what mail order companies call a "Factory Build", parts that will need assembly: front wheel, front brake rotor, pedals, seat, seat post, handlebars and stem, sometimes the front suspension fork will not come installed on the bike in the box.
  • Most companies require that their products (including complete bicycles) be assembled by a professional. In many cases, failure to do so (or failure to retain proof of such assembaly in the form of a reciept from the assembler) may void any and all warranties provided with each individual product and/or component.
  • Down Cycles is not responsible for damage caused to any product we sell that is a result of improper assembly. Even if you consider yourself a "professional" mechanic or rider, having a qualified mechanic at an established local bike shop is ALWAYS a good idea.
  • Down Cycles requires that all products bought from us that need assembly (especially those whose warranty may be voided by lack of professional assembly) be brought to a well-established local bike shop and assembled by a professional mechanic. We also strongly reccomend that the customer verify that their shop of choice for assembly provides at least some form of garuntee with their services.
  • While your bike will typically come boxed in the manner described above (described as a "Factory Build"), Down Cycles may, at our discretion, further disassemble the bicycle to either package it in a smaller box to avoid outlandish shipping fees or to better protect the product(s) during shipping.
  • Down Cycles, based on our requirement of having our product(s) assembled by a professional, reserves the right to further disassemble, prior to shipping, our products in the manner (and for the purpose) described above.
  • Before shipping out to you, we inspect for defects, and make sure all items to assemble are included. We do not fully tune the bike and prepare it for you to build up problem free on your own. We do not set up the suspension damping/spring weight, air pressure, adjust brakes, tune shifting, tighten loose bearings, true wheels, straighten disc rotors, check for any loose bolts, or lube. Any bicycle you receive in a box after shipping will need adjustments whether it is used or new.
  • Shipping companies may bang the bikes around. Many times, delicate components need to be aligned. It doesn’t take much of a side load to knock shifters/rotors/wheels out of whack. Disc brake rotors, wheels and derailleurs will all need tuning and should all be adjusted by a professional.
  • Again, Down Cycles requires (but realizes that many of our customers will not heed this requirement) that anyone who orders a bicycle online bring it to a bicycle shop to have it built. Your bicycle will not build up perfectly out of the box. If you do not know how to adjust and build a bicycle, then do not attempt to build and ride a mail order bike before having it tuned by a professional bicycle mechanic.
  • By purchasing any product through us (via our website or other methods) customers agree to all terms and conditions set forth on our website, including the shipping terms specifically outlined above.
Lost or Stolen Items:
  • Most orders are shipped complete within 24-48 hours of receipt of order. Delivery dates are only estimates and for one reason or another, sometimes orders are not delivered on the expected date.
  • Please track your purchase with the tracking number sent to you soon after your purchase.
  • During online purchases, customers are responsible, not required, to fill out the message box containing pertinent information that DOWN Cycles needs to pass on to the shipping company.
  • Your item will be left outside your door if nobody is home at time of delivery, unless otherwise notified.
  • Customers must inform DOWN Cycles if they want a signed delivery.
  • Please notify us if you want your package dropped off in a certain area of your home if you’re not at home during delivery.
  • Items, once shipped are not DOWN Cycles responsibility and are the responsibility of the shipping company.
  • Customers must report lost or stolen items to the shipping company.
  • Please track your purchase with the tracking number sent to you soon after your purchase.
Damaged items:
  • Inspect the box at time of delivery. If you see that the box is damaged or torn open, P ease protest to the delivery person and file an immediate claim with the shipper.
  • In many cases, boxes have damage, but the item(s) inside are OK. If you accept the package, make sure everything you ordered is inside the box and the item(s) are in perfect condition. Inspect for this as the delivery drivers waits.
  • Shipping damage claims are paid by the shipping company, not DOWN Cycles.
  • Note to customers: If your order was delivered damaged and you did not inform the driver of these damages at time of delivery, or the box did not show noticeable exterior damage, but you purchase was damaged inside, we recommend customers file a claim with the shipping company.
  • File a claim, a representative of the agency must inspect the package in its original condition. Keep the item packaged in the original box and packing material.
  • Keep a record of shipment until you have received credit or replacement merchandise.
  • A note to Customer: Damaged during shipping can be a problem when shipping bicycles and parts. Paint chips are fairly common as is bent spokes and derailleurs. Most of the time, luckily, these parts can be repaired.
  • Have a local bike shop repair the part whenever possible. DOWN Cycles stresses that a professional, not yourself, should build your bicycle. If possible, a professional will also repair small damage(s) that may have occurred in the shipping process.
  • Chips and scratches to the paint can usually be touched up or disguised with a small sticker. Whether your merchandise comes prechipped or you get a chip from riding, you will need to buy touch up paint to keep your bike looking new and to prevent corrosion. Go to your local auto body supply and bring your bike for color match. Have them mix you a small bit of touch up paint. This is smart to do even before you get a chip in the paint.
  • If you insist that DOWN Cycles repair and item such as a bent derailleur hanger or wheel you will be responsible to pay shipping both ways to DOWN cycles. You, or preferably a professional, must package the item properly and insure it for its full retail value when shipping back to the bike shop for repairs. Customers must provide the touch up paint for touching up chips. A touched up chip in the paint will never look like a brand new paint job. The chip will still be noticeable, but the paint will protect metal under from corrosion.
  • DOWN Cycles will warrant whether a charge will be implemented for repairs in the first 30 days of purchase. Repairs charges will be applied to all items sent in after 30 days of original purchase.
  • New items to be repaired must show NO wear from riding and frame serial numbers must match up. DOWN Cycles will not repair items that have been ridden or that we suspect is not the original item we shipped out.
  • Customers accept full responsibility for ordering the proper size bike. Without the customer present, DOWN Cycles can only assume that customer ordered the proper size bike. Please call us if you have questions or need picking the proper bike and size.
  • If you buy the wrong bike or size, you will be responsible to pay for shipping and insurance for the bicycle (or component/clothing) to and from. The bike must be packaged the same way we shipped it out to you in the original packing and never have been assembled or obviously ridden.
  • DOWN Cycles will inspect the returned bike. If we see any damage from shipping or any signs that the bike (or component/clothing) has been installed or rode, we will refuse delivery and the item will ship back to you with no credit/refund applied. The item will not be accepted back as a return.
  • If the bike is damaged when shipping back to DOWN Cycles without sufficient insurance (retail value), the damaged item will be refused and sent back to the customer. The customer will accept that they will pay for the item in full.
  • The customer also accepts that if an item is lost when shipping back as a return to DOWN Cycles, without sufficient insurance (for the retail value), the customer will not be refunded and will be responsible to pay for the lost item in full.
  • Damage do to improper opening of a package, such as from cutting open a package with a razor blade or knife will not be considered a warranty issue and will be returned to the customer without refund.
  • Please take note: Open boxes carefully and never use a blade! Tires and clothing can be cut and damaged beyond repair using a blade to cut through a box. Paint finishes can be chipped or scratched and brake lines can be severed. Please open all packages assuming that what is under the cardboard can be ruined beyond repair and not warranted.
  • Used/Demo products are sold as is. They will not be accepted as a return. Be a smart shopper and order the proper size used/demo bike or component. Please call and talk with our knowledgeable staff for proper clothing or bicycle fit questions.
  • Custom special order items, food, videos, or close-out items cannot be returned. Labor charges are not refundable.
  • Please include your receipt for proof of purchase.
  • Returns must be shipped pre-paid. CODs will not be accepted and DOWN Cycles does not send call tags.
  • If we were at fault, we will happily refund your actual ground shipping costs. Overnight or other shipping options are not reimbursable. Ship ground.
  • A 15% restocking fee may be applied, except in case of shipping error. Please allow two billing cycles for refunds to appear on your credit card statement. Orders paid by check or money order will be refunded by check. 
  • Returns must be approved by DOWN Cycles. Please call the shop before shipping items back and notify us of the problem. An RA # (return authorization) number will be issued to you. Write this RA # bold on the outside of the box.
  • Returns without RA# written on the outside of the box will be refused.
Back Orders:
  • DOWN Cycles does not keep back orders. Whenever possible, we will notify customers when products become available. The customer will then decide if they want the back ordered item(s) shipped.
  • DOWN Cycles extends each Manufacturer’s Warranty to the original purchaser for original merchandise only. Some manufacturers allow warranties to be transferable. Policies and procedures may vary; freight in both directions is not covered. Call us for specific instructions if you have a product you believe is a warranty issue.
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